Below is a list of the Medical Conditions which the Consultants at North West Gynaecology will be able to help you with:

Abnormal Cervical Smears and Colposcopy

Women between the ages of 25 and 50 are offered smears at intervals of 3 years.  Between 50 and 65 smears are offered at 5 yearly intervals.  Smears are designed to find abnormal cells on the cervix (known as pre-cancer cells, dyskaryotic cells or CIN).


Women with anovulation who are not wishing to conceive should use appropriate contraception as they could ovulate during some menstrual cycles What is anovulation? A large number of immature eggs are formed in the ovaries of every woman before she is born and these gradually get used up with the passage of time.


Contraception is an ongoing issue for many women throughout their lives until they reach the menopause. There are many choices and women should expect to receive expert advice from their health professional. This can be in the Family Planning Clinic or GP’s surgery as well as from a gynaecologist.

Donor Insemination

What is Donor Insemination? Donor insemination (DI) is the injection of donated sperm into the womb of women whose partners are unable to produce or have no sperm. Approximately 10,000 cycles of DI are performed in the UK every year.

Egg and Embryo Donation

What are these? Egg donation is the donation of eggs by one woman for use in IVF treatment by another woman. The sperm from the male partner of the receiving woman is used to fertilise the donated eggs.