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"During the current COVID-19 crisis North West Gynaecology consultants are supporting the NHS and have had to reduce their private work due to NHS commitments. We are still able to offer consultations for existing patients if required, and depending on the degree of urgency, some new consultations, although this may need to be by telephone or video. Please contact our administration team to enquire about this"

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Stress of Infertility

Many people consider coping with infertility (involuntary childlessness) and its various treatments as similar to being on a roller coaster. The roller coaster effect refers to the huge ups and downs that couples and individuals go through in their attempts to achieve a pregnancy.


Fertility Specialists in Manchester Fertility and Reproductive Endocrinology 1 in 6 couples experiences difficulty conceiving and might require assistance to achieve their dream of a family. It is advisable to have tried to conceive for at least 12 months before seeking our help, except if one of the partners is known to have a condition

Ejaculation Problems

What are these? Ejaculation refers to the process whereby semen (sperm) is released from the penis at the time of the male orgasm. It is brought about by a combination of mental and physical stimulation.


Women with anovulation who are not wishing to conceive should use appropriate contraception as they could ovulate during some menstrual cycles What is anovulation? A large number of immature eggs are formed in the ovaries of every woman before she is born and these gradually get used up with the passage of time.

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